About Brang Service

The 2019 global ecommerce market size was A$2.8 trillion (US$2.0 trillion), 11.3% larger than 2018. By 2021, the market will grow by 25% & reducing the delivery time as quickly as possible will be highly desired and must have feature for Online Shoppers. Same-day-delivery services allow customers  to have an option to get their desired products on the same day & not wait for days/weeks to experience it.  Brang  gives customers  an option to have their product delivered wherever and whenever they want.

Brang  consists of 3 features:

  1. Pick-up & Drop
  2. Same day delivery with Online Retailers
  3. Set delivery date & time with Online Retailers


Pick-up & Drop Service

As per the current trend in Australia, shoppers place an order online and may opt for delivery service or physically go to the store to collect it. As per KPMG research center 42% of Retailers in Australia are now offering ‘Click & Collect’. If you can’t get the products to the customers, get the customer to the products. This is preferred by customers  because:

  1. Save cost on delivery
  2. Delivery times have been relative slow in Australia to international standards
  3. Avoid problems with unprofessional delivery service
  4. Dodge the dreaded ‘card in the mailbox’, where parcels are returned to the depot

Using Brang  ‘get’ service, shoppers can simply enter the pick-up address of the store and provide an order number. Brang  driver will pick-up this order & deliver that to the shoppers as per the agreed date & time. The verification mechanism at the store to pick-up can simply be the order number/invoice & name of the shopper with address.

Same-day-delivery Process

Customer  can choose to use Brang  to get their products delivered on the same day, provided their payment is made to the retailer. This is the most common feature which will be used by the customer .


Set delivery date & time

  • Customer  can choose a date and time to get their products delivered on any given day. This mechanism is suited for shoppers who are not home on the day when the order is made or would like to personalize a gift to be delivered when the recipient is at home for instance after working hours.  

    Brang  will be launched in Melbourne with pick-up & drop-off delivery feature. As part of phase 2, Brang  will have an integration feature with ecommerce business & expand its driver fleet.


    The service offerings by Brang 

    • Same day delivery
    • 24/7 delivery
    • Ecommerce delivery
    • B2B Services
    • Custom made delivery


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