Brang - Modern day delivery

Imagine products that would normally take anything between few days to few weeks to get delivered, be delivered on the same day. Or imagine the orders which usually cost A$ 20 in shipping cost and take 3-7 working days to arrive, reduce to A$8 and delivered on the same day?

60% Australians will abandon a shopping cart if the shipping cost is higher than expected. (Source: eMarketerSAP).

Every day, millions of online transactions happen which are delivered within 3-7 working days and either cost high premium or require minimum quantity to be ordered. At the end of this year, every one out of ten items will be bought online & and the number of people buying online will be 22.0 million (Source: Statista, Australia Post).

Brang  is a technology platform, developed by Discoverr.AI, connecting the merchants to delivery partners, to enable omni-channel businesses to offer the customers their orders (local) on the same day. 

The fundamental of Brang  is to offer the customer  a rich experience of having their products at their doorstep on the same day. Brang  also supports delivering the products at any convenient location and on a date suited to customers .

Brang  provides security in the form of insurance on each delivery with end-to-end tracking, thus eliminating any fraud or mishandling of the products by the drivers. There is a robust mechanism of authentication for on-boarding of drivers. All drivers will undergo extensive on-boarding process and are vetted, providing you with a great delivery experience.


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